Mountain Girl Seed


8000 of these seeds for 10 cents per seed. (Minimum purchase of 100 seeds)

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Produced by established hemp breeder and farmer in Colorado since 2014, creator of Certified High-CBD Hemp strain Medicine Mother.

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Mountain Girl.  High CBD male/female hemp seed.  Legal in all Delta-9 THC states.  Minimum order of 100 seeds!  Buy 8000 of these seeds for 10 cents per seed, sprout inside in late winter, flush approximately 80% of males out with 2-week bloom (12-hr light-12-hr dark) regimen, then transplant females only outside and, with male-killing of 10% of plants, you will get an acre of 4000 vigorous, heavily-budded, up to 12% CBD flowers for only $800 per acre vs $18000 for 4000 $4.50 clones. Email us for a list of Delta 9 states or ask your State Ag Dept about your state’s testing protocol. A partial list of states’ testing protocols is up at the Genetics page. (Coming Soon)


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