Cherry Clones


• 1-10 Clones $8 each

• 11-71 Clones $6 each

• Full Flat (72) $360

Produced by established hemp breeder and farmer in Colorado since 2014, creator of Certified High-CBD Hemp strain Medicine Mother.

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Cherry clones.  Well-known, vintage phenotype developed by Colorado breeder Adam Cooper. Compact, heavily-budded, high-CBD hemp strain popular in longtime 0.3% Total THC Colorado, good under the new regs in 2020 Oregon and under the USDA National guidelines, which apply in all states launching new hemp programs in 2020, though it may need to be harvested somewhat early.

Approximately 15.56% CBD at 0.3% Total THC.  (0.14% Delta-9 THC) CoA upon request.

Interstate shipping from March and throughout the spring.

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