2,000mg Hemp Honey Jar | (made of Whole Plant extract)


Organic Hemp Honey in 20 ml jar. (Easy dispensing syringe included)
Each 1ml syringe contains 200 mg of CBD. Use 1/10th (0.1ml) of honey syringe as needed. Good for children as it tastes only of honey!

Honey-Gel made of Coconut Oil, Organic Honey and Whole Plant Extract of Pure, High-Altitude, High-CBD Hemp, Organically Grown in Colorado.

Price is per 2,000mg jar.

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2,000mg Organic Hemp Honey Jar | (made with Whole Plant extract)

1 review for 2,000mg Hemp Honey Jar | (made of Whole Plant extract)

  1. Liz Todd

    This product has changed my moms life. She has Parkinson’s Disease with cervical dystonia. She had neck, back, head and leg spasms that were uncontrollable and extremely painful. we rarely had a day without one, and some days she would have 3 or more. We started the CBD honey on July 5th, and went from 7-12 bad spasms to 1-2 light ones per week. WOW, now add that she has less overall pain, and better sleep…this is an exceptional product, that is as strong as they say. I do not believe that there is another out there this quality, this price. Thank you!!!

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