DistillateEvery good product starts with a great raw material.  Our distillate starts with our own high-CBD hemp strain, Colorado Queen, bred by our owner and grown right here on the pristine mountain farmland on our 66 acres lying at 6000 feet above sea level outside Hotchkiss, Colorado.  It is grown with pure, direct-from-the-mountains irrigation water, using only organic nutrients, microbial soil enhancements and, only if necessary (twice in the past 5 years), careful and judicious applications of only organic pesticides and/or herbicides. Our isolated location with mountains on 3 sides and desert on the fourth means few insects, fungi and other pests make it over natural barriers to infest our crops; this is why the North Fork Valley is known statewide for high-quality, farm-to-table organic fruit and vegetable production.
We are now production hemp in the same pristine environment.

We product THC-compliant (under 0.3% THC) “Broad Spectrum” distillate, THC-free (Under 0.03% THC) distillate for bulk sale to natural-product compounders, and formulators of high-quality nutraceuticals and topicals, “Full Spectrum” crude which contains all the THC natural occurring in the low-THC hemp plant (sold dissolved in carrier oils to under 0.3% THC.)

Distillate provides unparalleled purity and potency for a wide array of products.

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